Flurer Smokery:  Love in Every Bite

Brian and Kelly met in high school in Campbell River, in 1985. Over the past 28 years we have been married and have 3 beautiful children. Brian has been in the aquaculture industry for 25 years working on the farms and in processing. To this day Brian holds the record for the best FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio 1.13/7 kg fish) in the industry, and has been nominated for several awards over the years for his work in the industry. Brian is of Aboriginal origin. Kelly was born and raised on the coast. Kelly has been in the aquaculture industry for 13 years in processing. For about 18 years we have been smoking fish at home for friends and family. We have been told by many people over the years that our smoked salmon is the best they ever tasted and we should be selling it. The recipe we use was developed on the coast over many years. The flavour is truly British Columbia west coast. Brian and Kelly have made Flurer Smokery their dream, and are now making it a reality.
Flurer Smokery Ltd a private Aboriginal owned and operated facility is Federally Registered, HACCP Certified and registered with the USFDA located in Campbell River, BC. Our vision is to bring a true west coast flavor to the world. To provide the local people and the world with the highest quality services and products. Flurer Smokery is a wholesale and custom value added and ready to eat processing plant. The facility is 8000 sq-ft. Flurer Smokery Ltd. processes wild or farmed fish, halibut, black cod, white sturgeon, tuna, oysters, mussels, prawns, more. We are using the ISO 22000 format. Flurer Smokery Ltd. was nominated for ‘COMPANY OF THE YEAR” in 2011 and 2012 from the Positive Aquaculture Awareness Association.
We hand cut and hand bone all the products. The brine used is a dry brine and is a brown sugar and salt mix. No dyes or preservatives are used. We hand rub and hand rinse each of the pieces of fish one by one. You really can taste our attention to detail. There is love in every bite. We have two 1200lb capacity smokers, they are Canadian made and are HACCP Certified. The smokers are state of the art, fully computerized and hold up to 20 preset programs. This allows us to have a set program for each of the styles of fish and the species of fish. Each style cut that we process requires a different length of time in the smoke step and the cooking time. As to does each species of fish. By having a set program this gives us a consistent product very time. The smokers were custom designed for us with added features like self cleaning and an end of cycle alarm. The end of cycle alarm lets us know when the program is
finished so that we can get the fish out of the smoker and into the cooler to chill. Food Safety is our highest priority. The unique design of the smokers with the smoke generator being separate, the smoke goes up the pipe and across and then down into the chamber where the fish is, the soot and creosote sticks to the pipes and doesn’t make it into the chamber where the fish is, giving us a much cleaner and healthier smoked product.
We use all natural wood chips, order in from the USA. All the wood is inspected and certified for the purpose of cooking, bark free and heat treated.
Our smoked products include fillets, chunks, Flurer’s Fins and Jerky. Our chunks are our most popular style and all our flavour are very good. Our chunks are portion size, about 6 oz. All Atlantic Salmon chunks are boneless and skinless. And all our products are boneless. Our fins are small triangles about two bite size, boneless and skinless. The jerky is a thin slice smoke to perfection. Our flavours include Original, Peppered, Cajun, Teriyaki, Maple and Candied. The customer picks the style cut and the flavour. We also process and sell fresh fillets, portions and steaks.
Our location in Campbell River places us in the heartland of fresh seafood; this allows us to get our fish very fresh. Using a fresh product gives us the very best quality. All of our processing is done on a pre-order basis, so when the order comes in we order the fish required to fill that order and we make the order for the customer, then it is shipped out right away. The customer is getting their order made fresh for them the way they want it.
We believe that customers of ours are looking for a high quality product at a fare price. We all can appreciate and deserve the best.

* Flurer Smokery Ltd is based at 5722 Menzies Way, Campbell River, B.C. (Phone 250-286-4945 or email flurersmokery@telus.net).  The company can also be checked out on Facebook