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With over thirty-seven years of combined experience in the aquaculture industry, we the owners of Flurer Smokery Ltd. are committed to supplying our customers with the finest quality fresh and ready to eat products at competitive prices. Flurer Smokery Ltd. is a privately owned Aboriginal business that is Federally Registered and HACCP Certified facility that is located in Campbell River, BC. Brian and Kelly Flurer as well as all employee’s are fully trained, educated and have a professional commitment to supply excellence in all of the products and services which are sold locally and worldwide.
Flurer Smokery Ltd. processes sustainable wild or farmed, fresh and smoked seafood products.
The fish at FLURER SMOKERY LTD. is always fresh, NEVER frozen.
Flurer Smokery uses ONLY the finest grade seafood.
All our products are hand fillet, trimmed and boned.
FLURER SMOKERY LTD.  products are all natural, using premium grade seafood, brown sugar and salt. (spices optional) NO CHEMICALS, DYES, OR PRESERVATIVES used.
The salt content is regulated for all the style cuts of smoked products by recording the times in and the rinse times.
Our processing facility is climate controlled and equipped with the most advanced state of the art technology that gives us the ability to produce products with food safety being our highest priority.
State of the Art computerized smokehouses that provide full control of smoke and chamber temperatures. Records internal product temperatures and chamber temperatures. Provides up to 20 pre-set programs for a consistent product very time. Control of smoke temperature and humidity level.
The unique design of the smokers with the smoke generator being separate, the smoke goes up the pipe and across and then down into the chamber where the fish is, the soot and creosote sticks to the pipes and doesn’t make it into the chamber where the fish is, giving us a much cleaner and healthier smoked product.
Certified legal scale and state of the art bar coded tracking system.
Flurer Smokery Ltd. is Federally Registered and HACCP Certified. Flurer Smokery Ltd. is using an ISO 22000 format and in the near future will obtain ISO 22000 certification. Flurer Smokery Ltd is registered with the USFDA and the EU. Our estimated level of production is approximately 30,000 – 40,000 pounds per month on ready to eat products. And also have a full line of fresh raw products.
Flurer Smokery Ltd. is committed to the environment by recycling all styro, plastic, cardboard and fish waste used in the plant. Flurer Smokery Ltd. provides employment and contributes to the economy.
Our goal is to be a major supplier to global distributors, grocery stores, gourmet deli’s, fine catering, gourmet restaurants, and the public. Flurer Smokery Ltd. is committed to providing the True British Columbia West Coast flavour to the world market with food safety being our foremost and highest priority.



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